Lioness and Cubs photographed on site at Naledi Game LodgeNALEDI WELCOMES family groups, including children of all ages. We have even had babies just a few months old among our guests. Many of our suites are family-friendly, and spacious enough to comfortably accommodate additional beds or cots (which we have in ample supply). We strive to be flexible in accordance with your needs, and will be delighted to assist you in selecting a suite – or indeed any combination of suites – that will maximise the comfort and luxury experience of your family or group.  Simply contact us.

We do of course request parents to observe ordinary levels of courtesy with regard to their children, such that the tranquillity of our other guests is not interrupted.

Prospective guests should note that, while our guides, trackers and service staff are delightful with children, we do not offer child-specific activities or babysitting services.